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Govt, AICTE Enlist 48 Edtech Firms Including upGrad, Simplilearn and CodeMantra for Online Lessons

The HRD Ministry, now renamed as 'Education Ministry', and the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) have enlisted 48 EdTech firms to boost online education for students and executives and offer tech solutions to institutions.

The on-boarding of 48 edtech firms, including upGrad, Great Learning, WileyNxt, Simplilearn and CodeMantra, will offer 79 categories of products and services.

The common platform will serve both the business-to-business and business-to-customer space in a varied field ranging from online courses to assessment, and from career support to coding, the regulator for professional courses said.

The move is in accordance of government’s strategy to open up virtual learning and increase technology adoption in higher education. In July last year, Education Ministry announced that it will bring a dedicated e-education unit to bolster the digital infrastructure, digital content and capacity building.

In a statement, AICTE said -- 

These edtech companies offer courses on categories such as e-content for niche areas having highly marketable skills, certification courses, assessment tests, psychometric tests, lab tools, coding skills and testing, learning games, career counselling, internship support, placement support, aptitude test, cognitive skills, management, accounting and finance and courses related to engineering and pharmacy students.


This will help streamline online education options, delivery and regulations and is in sync with the National Education Policy mandate of tech adoption and flexibility in the tertiary education space.

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