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Ramayan: The demon That Was Not Killed By Lord Ram But Mother Sita's Shadow Instead

After the death of Ravana, Lord Sri Ram returned to Ayodhya by handing over the whole kingdom of Lanka to Vibhishan, the younger brother of Ravana, and started to conduct kingdom of Ayodhya himself. One day when Lord Shri Ram was sitting in his Rajya Sabha (Senate), suddenly Vibhishan, the King of Lanka also reached the Rajya Sabha. As soon as he reached the meeting, Vibhishan pleaded with Lord Shri Ram and said, "Lord! Protect me, Mullakasura son of Kumbhakarna in Lanka has created trouble.

Vibhishan told Lord Rama that Kumbhakaran 's son Mulkasur was born in 'Mūla', 19th nakshatra or "lunar mansion" in Jyotish. Because of which Kumbhakarna threw him in the forest. It was raised by bees when thrown into the forest. Moolakasura grew up and did severe penance of Brahma. Brahma was pleased with his penance and gave him a boon. Because of that boon, he has become very powerful and has created trouble in Lanka. Lord, when he came to know about the slaughter of his father, he took a vow that I will 'first kill the deceitful Vibhishana, followed by Ram'.

After listening to Vibhishan, Lord Ram sent Hanuman and Lakshmana to Lanka with army. Here, as soon as Moolakasura came to know about the arrival of Ram's army, he also came out of Lanka with his army. There was a fierce battle between the two armies for about 7 days, but Moolakasura alone was overshadowing Lord Ram's army.

Moolakasura Had the Boon to Die At the Hands of The Woman

When Lord Ram reached Lanka along with his minister, he also came to know about the war, which made him worried. At the same time Brahma ji also came there and started saying to Lord Shri Ram, O Lord! I have given him the boon of dying from the hands of a woman, so you should call Sita here and kill her. After listening to Brahma ji, Lord Shri Ram sent Hanuman to Ayodhya and called Mother Sita to Lanka. On reaching Lanka, Prabhu Shriram told Mata Sita the whole thing about Moolakasura. Mother Sita got angry after listening to Prabhu Shriram. In anger, a tamasi power came out of his body. In the shadow of Sita, this power took the form of Chandi and walked towards Lanka.


Sita Shooted 5 Arrows To Mulkasur 

Getting signal there from Lord Ram, the ape army began to dismantle the Tantric process of Mulkasur. On which Moolakasura left his tantric action in anger and ran after them to eat the apes. While running behind the apes, he came to the battlefield. When he reached the battlefield, when he saw the shadow of Sita, he thundered and said, Who are you? Sita's shadow roared and said, 'I am your death Chandi'. You ate the sages and monks who took my name. So now I will avenge you by killing you. Saying so, Chhaya (the shadow) Sita fired 5 arrows at Moolakasur. There was a fierce war between them. In the end, Chhaya Sita killed Moolakasura using 'Chandikastra'. After killing Moolakasura, Chhaya returned to Sita and entered Mother Sita's body.

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