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5 Detective shows and movies to binge watch this weekend

Who doesn’t love a good crime and mystery story? It keeps you on the edge of your seat, clueless as to where the story will proceed, and how the mystery will be revealed. While true fans of this genre can guess how things might unfold, the best mystery shows are the ones where the viewer is taken by complete surprise when the mystery is finally revealed in the end. Unleash your inner investigator this weekend by watching these top detective shows of recent times, which will engulf you in a tale of mystery, crime and surprises.

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows 

Available on Amazon Prime and directed by Guy Ritchie, this show is about Professor Moriarty, who is out and about carrying out crimes across Europe. With Sherlock at his heels, who wants to stop the next crime by the serial criminal, this one is about how Sherlock picks up clues and reaches the offender before he is able to unleash the terror on his next victim.

Detective Boomrah

This three-episode Indian detective show, directed by Sudhanshu Rai is about Detective Boomrah and his assistant Sam, who are out to solve a mysterious appearance and disappearance of a man at a heritage hotel. This man, who came out of thin air in a locked room, jumps off the terrace and vanishes in mid-air. As the detective is solving the case, Amtim who works at the hotel jumps in a similar way and disappears, and Boomrah follows him. Is it the end of the detective or is there more to it? Find out on Disney+Hotstar.


Streaming on Netflix, directed by Phillipp Kadelbach, the film takes us through the sojourn of the lead detective who takes the case of a singer who was found murdered with her scent glands excised. Perplexed by what they see, and with the deceased singer’s school friends as the suspects, the film is a roller coaster ride with interesting twists and turns at every corner.


This show, commissioned by BBC has streamed 5 seasons and is available on Netflix. It trails Detective John Luther and his partner Alice Morgan as they go about solving complicated cases in this award-winning show. In the latest season the detective comes face to face with Alice Morgan, a psychopath criminal who Luther tries to chase unsuccessfully in the first season, and was unable to prove her crime, despite knowing that she is the criminal. Now Alice becomes Luther’s accomplice and the duo are out to solve more cases.

Detective Byomkesh Bakshi!

Available on Netflix, and directed by Dibakar Bannerjee, this film is set in the 1940s Calcutta, that was reeling under the effects of World War 2. When a chemist goes missing, nobody could have guessed that it is related to a conspiracy to cause chaos in the peace- loving Bengali city. Detective Byomkesh sets out to not just unravel the mystery but save the city that was at the centre of Independence movement at that time. Get ready with your popcorn, a comfy seat and a quilt, to prep for the thrill that is about to be unleashed. Trying to solve the mystery yourself while the detective uncovers the case layer by layer, and sipping on hot coffee or favourite chai is weekend goals right now.

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